Episode 2 w/ Dave Witte of Municipal Waste & Chris Boggess of 3 Floyds Brewing

In this episode I talk with Dave Witte from Municipal Waste, Deny the Cross, Publicist UK, River Black, Brain Tentacles & more and Chris Boggess head brewer for Three Floyds Brewing!

We announce a Modern Times Beer x Municipal Waste collab beer, Three Floyds Brewing x Mastodon beer & Three Floyds Brewing x Exodus beer! News on the new River Black album, we talk about beer, music, Trump, accidents & scat beer.

Check it out, please share and follow. Every bit of support counts!

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Intro Music by Falseta “Girls of Summer

Outro Music by Wolf King “Deathless

Logo by Art of Kyle Willis & Nerdities



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