RRBG – Setlist 1

What’s up everyone! In an effort to provide you with more content, I decided to put together an hour or so worth of non-stop music. I am thinking of doing this every other week on Thursdays. It will also be available on Spotify as a playlist.  I want to hear from you guys though! If you enjoy this let me know, let me know if you are interested in me releasing new setlists every two weeks, once a month, or every week. This first one consists of one song from each of the musician guests I’ve had on the podcast so far. In the future I will have setlists put together by the guests themselves. Please share with your friends on social media, leave reviews and comments and email us suggestions, questions or comments to rocknrollbeerguy@gmail.com. I hope you enjoy, here is the full setlist:

  1. Killswitch EngageThe Call
  2. Municipal WasteThe Art of Partying
  3. The Dillinger Escape PlanHoneysuckle
  4. IntronautDigital Gerrymandering
  5. Khemmis Candlelight
  6. NailsYou Will Never Be One of Us
  7. Poison the WellGhostchant
  8. MastodonCapillarian Crest 
  9. Author & PunisherTerrorbird
  10. EntheosPerpetual Miscalculations
  11. TorcheHealer
  12. Coheed & CambriaHere We Are Juggernaut
  13. RevocationCommunion 
  14. Russian CirclesMládek
  15. ConvergeGrim Heart/Black Rose

While I do own all these records, I do not own the rights to any of them just sharing music that I love. Cheers!!!FB_IMG_1484189802334

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